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Wireless Powered High Street for Smart Shoppers

QiConnect ApplicationsAlmost everyone visiting the high street will have a Mobile Phone or Smartphone – loaded with retailer APPs, messages and latest offers. In some locations customers have the option to use their Smartphones to pay for goods.

We all want to use this modern technology but what happens if the phone runs out of power?

The modern consumer demands a device that is always working so if battery power was running low or ran out, it would be a major inconvenience. Historically the only options were to stop shopping and try to find a convenient mains power point to use a personal charger or cut short the shopping trip and go home to charge up again. 

Wirelessly Charge Mobile Devices

Wirelessly charge your mobile devices with QiConnect Now and for the Future High Street there is a new way of charging: Wireless Charging Stations. Retailers can offer the option to charge up on the go and ‘snack’ on power without plugging in any cables or having to carry a spare battery. The latest Wireless Charging Solution is available to retail outlets and high street shops.

This means the consumer is able to simply visit a wireless charging enabled venue and whilst waiting to pay or sitting having some lunch, their phone can top up with much needed power just by placing it on the table or counter surface. They will be amazed as charging starts automatically.

Easy access to power gives them the ability to continue shopping and vital to keeping the smart consumer visiting the high street.

‘Wireless Charging’ Stations

How does wireless charging work?QiConnect can offer the latest innovations in Wireless Power solutions for high street retailers, food and drink outlets or city centre public venues. Embedded WIRELESS POWER Chargers are available for immediate installation to ensure consumers have mobile devices powered up all day.



How does it Work?

How does wireless charging work? Attach and embed the Wireless Power Transmitter in tables, worktops or countertops and connect to mains power – the embedded charging device has a Magnetic coil that emits a 5 volt induction charge and automatically starts to work when a compatible mobile device is placed on it. There is the option to have a charger on display (flush mounted) or discreetly hidden below a surface.

There are various Wireless Charging devices available in different styles to match any location or setting. All Charging devices meet Qi Wireless Charging industry standards offering a proven, effective and safe solution to retailers and consumers.

Compatible Mobile Devices

Compatible Devices There are many different mobile phones and smartphones available in the marketplace and currently over 60 types of mobile devices (Phones, Smartphones) are already compatible and ready for Wireless Charging, including:

  • Samsung
  • Google Nexus
  • Nokia Lumia

Most other types of mobile phones and devices are compatible simply by utilising a Wireless Charging Receiver in the form of a phone cover, key ring or energy card connected to their Phone or Smartphone. The wireless receivers can be made available from any retail or food outlet offering the wireless charging stations or online.

Branding and Promotional Opportunities for Retailers and Venues

QiConnect Applications Advertise and promote to customers by branding the flush mounted device with a company logo or in-store promotion. Some types of the Wireless Power receivers can also be branded with company logo and sold or gifted as part of promotional material.



Advice and Support

Advice on wireless chargingAdvice on wireless charging QiConnect evaluate and test each type of Wireless Charging device and compatible receiver so as to offer the best solution that meets the needs of individual businesses and their customers.

We understand the technological needs and implications of using Wireless Charging in any setting – contact QiConnect now to discuss the ideal installation for your premises.

Wireless Charging is coming to a high street near you – make sure you are one of the outlets ready to keep customers powered up for smart shopping!

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